Horseback riding

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If we pay a close attention to different cultures and their values, we can find out some beautiful things in common or opposite. Today I thought about something specific and that is the favorite animals of different nations.

As we know, the western countries are fond of dogs. They call them the best friend of a human being. Muslim countries love cats, for they are clean and smart. So, there comes a question: how about Kyrgyz people? Do they have any specific animal that means world to them?

Kyrgyz nation does have a favorite creature and it is a horse! There are many reasons for this and kyrgyz people aren’t actually the only ones to praise horses. These creatures deserve love for their faith in their owners. They were not only friends, but also great helpers for nomads. With horses, they had no transportation issues when moving from one place to another, or just in everyday life.

Ancient Kyrgyz people taught their children how to ride a horse even right after they started walking. They grew up together with these gracious creatures and this is exactly what created a strong bond between them

Contest between man and woman?


Horseback riding has been one of the most joyful activities for thousands of years. Horses used to be the best type of transport, the greatest luxury and as I told before, closest friend of a person.

However, for some people it may change their whole destiny! This can be explained only by the traditions of Kyrgyz nation. Their country Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia is full of interesting customs and I will try to share them with you later. But now, back to the topic.

They have an interesting tradition called “Kyz kumay”, which means “Catching the girl”. The point is, if a guy fell in love and wants to marry that girl, he needs to ride after her and try to reach her. If he can, then the girl can do nothing but agree! Really very interesting and exciting to watch, but not that fun for girls I guess…

Horse vs. Cars


In our modern world it may seem a bit old-fashioned to prefer horses over cars. Well, let me tell you, I am so old-fashioned when talking about this topic!

Just think, how is it even possible to compare something alive with machine at the first place? How some people dare to see no difference between the best friend of a person and the engine which wants nothing but gas? Isn’t there are any difference between watching your little pony grow up in front of your eyes, and the car getting old fashioned and worn out year by year?

More argues ahead, but for now take a look at these amazing creatures and enjoy!