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Horses in Dances

How in the world?! Well, horses in games, they are in movies, the games are not interesting without them either! Here is another part – dances connected with horses! This now Really proves the tight connection between Kyrgyz nation and beautiful horses!

The dance is called “Kara Zhorgo”, which is translated as “Black Horse”. Enjoy this amazing dance and music, which is the “visit card” of Kyrgyz parties nowadays!

Horse in Movies

If you are a horse fan, then you must love everything connected with it, including horse accessories, uniforms for horseback riders, books about horses and of course movies. Today I would like to recommend you a brilliant movie about horses, which is called “Secretariat”.

The movie is about the winner of “Triple Crown” horse races in 1973, Secretariat. The movie touched many hearts not only for its breathtaking moments but also for the fact that it is based on the real story. I am sure that the deep relationship between that horse and its owner Penny will leave you amazed.

Beauty of Horses

I ask your forgiveness that I can say nothing more today! I am just speechless, left in AWES looking at these gracious creatures! Following are the world’s best horses and all are unique in their own ways!

1. Shareef Dancer

2. Annihilator

3. Green Monkey

4. Sardar

5. Poetin

6. Lord Sinclair

7. Stay Thirsty

Choosing Your Horse

We have been talking about many interesting things connected with horses, that I almost forgot that not everyone owns a horse, actually. However, there may be someone who is planning or just dreaming about having one. So, I would like to give a hand to them and share the following tips to buy the horse of your dream. The video talks about the very basic steps even before making a decision to own a horse, so check it out and figure out, whether it is your thing to own one or it is better to go play with them every other week somewhere else…

Unusual wrestling

Horse rearing during Horse Wrestling at World Nomad Games-M

They say that talented person is talented in everything. Such a great statement! I was convinced of this in many cases and recently made up a new phrase closer to this: “A talented horseback rider is talented in every sport!” So what was the reason behind this discovery? Something incredible:

It was when I checked out the Nomadic Olympics that were held in Kyrgyzstan this fall. There brave djigits (guys) were wrestling, not as usual but on the horse! That is when I first found out about this absolute new sport for me – horse wrestling!

The rules are definitely a bit different from the usual wrestling here. Two wrestlers on horseback are supposed to beat each other with horses and hands, Whoever falls down to the ground loses the battle. Surely, it must keep the people watching it in great excitement and even fear, since the process may get so harsh and tense…

Let’s play “Grey Wolf”!


Nomads were in love horses, as we told before. The horses were the main type of transport, important source of daily products and one more thing to add – excellent way of entertainment! Horse games were so various and enjoyable, that they still continue playing them on special occasions!

Kok-boru or Grey wolf in English is one of those dynamic games played among Kyrgyz people. It is a wrestling on horseback for a Goat’s Carcass. The original game was historically developed when herds of cattle grazed in the steppes and mountains all year round, exposed to possible attacks by wolves. Once a wolf gets into the cattle, brave guys showed them what it is like to push the wrong button – they chased after the wolves until it fell, then they began beating them with sticks and lashes, trying to snatch them away from each other!

Later on the «kok-boru» was replaced by “little goat” and was renamed as “ulak tartysh”. There are two teams, consisting of an equal number of riders. The playing ground is 300 meters long and 150 meters wide. There are two gates just like in football games. In the center of the playing ground stands a carcass of a goat. The game lasts for 15 minutes. The objective of the game is to seize the goat’s carcass and deliver it into the gates of the contesting team.

Since the game goes on horses, it is pretty dangerous and sometimes it may get bloody as well. I remember little American girl crying so hard watching the game. I thought she was sad for guys who got injured. However, she was crying for the poor little goat they were carrying back and forth… Agree, pretty sad…

Horses in Literature


There are not few masterpieces in Kyrgyz literature, which describe strong friendship between a man and nature. The tight connection of human life with nature is described with such passion and art, which makes life seem impossible without each other.

As an example, I can introduce you to one of the most famous novels written by the greatest writer of Kyrgyz nation: Chyngyz Aytmatov and his book “Farewell Gulsary”, the two center characters of which are a man and his stallion. Reading about their long life experience together through thick and thin will definitely bring rivers of tears to the reader…

Chingiz Aitmatov is one of the most readable modern writers in the world. His works are translated into more than 170 languages and issued in more than 100 countries of the world with the circulation of more than 60 million copies. His works have become an indispensable part of the process of education and building of the society.



If we pay a close attention to different cultures and their values, we can find out some beautiful things in common or opposite. Today I thought about something specific and that is the favorite animals of different nations.

As we know, the western countries are fond of dogs. They call them the best friend of a human being. Muslim countries love cats, for they are clean and smart. So, there comes a question: how about Kyrgyz people? Do they have any specific animal that means world to them?

Kyrgyz nation does have a favorite creature and it is a horse! There are many reasons for this and kyrgyz people aren’t actually the only ones to praise horses. These creatures deserve love for their faith in their owners. They were not only friends, but also great helpers for nomads. With horses, they had no transportation issues when moving from one place to another, or just in everyday life.

Ancient Kyrgyz people taught their children how to ride a horse even right after they started walking. They grew up together with these gracious creatures and this is exactly what created a strong bond between them

Contest between man and woman?


Horseback riding has been one of the most joyful activities for thousands of years. Horses used to be the best type of transport, the greatest luxury and as I told before, closest friend of a person.

However, for some people it may change their whole destiny! This can be explained only by the traditions of Kyrgyz nation. Their country Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia is full of interesting customs and I will try to share them with you later. But now, back to the topic.

They have an interesting tradition called “Kyz kumay”, which means “Catching the girl”. The point is, if a guy fell in love and wants to marry that girl, he needs to ride after her and try to reach her. If he can, then the girl can do nothing but agree! Really very interesting and exciting to watch, but not that fun for girls I guess…

Horse vs. Cars


In our modern world it may seem a bit old-fashioned to prefer horses over cars. Well, let me tell you, I am so old-fashioned when talking about this topic!

Just think, how is it even possible to compare something alive with machine at the first place? How some people dare to see no difference between the best friend of a person and the engine which wants nothing but gas? Isn’t there are any difference between watching your little pony grow up in front of your eyes, and the car getting old fashioned and worn out year by year?

More argues ahead, but for now take a look at these amazing creatures and enjoy!