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What works MySQL?

Under what operating systems available as MySQL? Almost at all! To date, this packet is successfully compiled and available on the website of the developer in the form of files, ready for immediate installation systems (unless something other distributions packaged format Tar + Gzip, specific to all Unix-based systems)   IBM AIX 4.x; Amiga; Tru64 Unix; BSDI 2.x; BSDI 3.0,…

MySQL – database

What is a “database” in general and MySQL in particular Under database (BD) refers to the storage and processing of data to access that uses language SQL (Structured Query Language). There are many different database management systems (DBMS), but in terms of hosting is usually used DBMS MySQL. The reasons for this are the actual focus of this database on…


Background-attachment property determines whether the background image scrolls with the content item. Images can be recorded and remain stationary or move together with the document. In CSS3, you can specify multiple values ​​for a range of background images, listing values ​​separated by commas.  

Never forget to drink water

We can not amagine our lives without mobile applications, they really help us to solve a lot of aspects and problems. The newest one application that I found recently is “Drinking Water”, with this amazing application I never forget to drink water and top-up water balance of my body. That’ greate!