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Follow Marco Polo!

I hope everyone is having a great day! Today a very unusual tour with horseback riding caught my attention. Unlike usual trekkings and enjoying the nature of mountains, this tour offers something educational and historical. The plan of this tour is as follows: to explore the remote valleys, peaks and rivers, through which the great individual from history, Marco Polo have passed years ago!

Those are the roads, that thousands of years ago turned into one of the branches of the Great Silk Road! This is where not only Marco Polo, but also other tourists and tradesmen went in the hope of fortune and great adventures. I am  sure that those ambitions and spirit of them still exist there and helps the modern tourists feel unusual excitement from their adventures!

Fresh Plans

With the coming of beautiful spring, there opened so many doors for variety of adventures, especially to the nature. This makes us, the lovers of horseback riding extremely happy. Feeling pretty sure of how tired and bored you guys can be by the end of long and cold winter, I would like to lighten your moods up and remind you of what is expecting us this year.

There are so many choices out there already for any caprice. You can go ahead and pick one according to your own conditions, including your spare time, age, level of horseback riding skills and so on. For the beginning, this is the source I found for you guys to find out more on Kyrgyzstan’s horseback riding tours:

Inspired by …what?

I beg your pardon for getting a bit off from the topic, but I could not help but feel rush of adrenaline and excitement watching this video! It is a tunnel experiment for one of the most beautiful designs of Mercedes, which is also my favorite, by the way.

It just made me wonder: if the strength and look of Ford Mustang was inspired by the mighty stallions, then what about this car, flying not only on the road, but also walls?! Bird? Not exactly… Spider? Maybe… :) Great job, everyone who worked on it and awesome job, the cool driver, who represented the result in the best way ever!

Horse inspired Car

Horses inspired poets, writers, artists…What else? You will be surprised to hear but not only those people of art but also the ones of car industry! Any proofs? Yepp – one of the most amazing cars of all times Ford’s Mustang! It still gives me goosebumps that the cars of modern technology, despite more and more new chances and discoveries, still try to be at least like a horse!!!


Tolubay Synchy, the master of horses, used to make a stallion out of a weak colt, as we said the last time. Because he was good at pointing the weak and strong parts of any horse and according to them, he would fight the weaknesses and develop the strengths of the horse.

Now I wonder, what if the horse is strong and fast itself? What if it is so wild as Mustang from the movie “Spirit”? Would he be able to make that stubborn one obey him? Just this part of the movie made me think of that so much:

Master of Horses

Horses are great friends of people. Therefore, there are so many professionals who are interested in taking care of them, getting more and more knowledge about them and so on.

Silk Road is also pretty rich with such people. For instance, Tolubay Synchy, a wise man from Kyrgyz nation, the nation which is said to be closest with horses. So, Tolubay had an incredible talent of classifying horses. He was familiar with any type of horses and knew how to take care of them according to their qualities. This was the reason for his success in raising the fastest and finest horses in his region.

Tolubay Synchy could not only recognize horses, but also predict its future. If he thought that the horse had a potential to become the great one, that definitely came true, even if the horse looked too weak! He was able to prove his opinions several times, so others had no more doubts about his skills.

“Special” sausage

I know, it is a bit mean of me to write this post here, but I just could not keep this pretty interesting fact a secret. Just imagine the dear animals – horses that you are fond of being slaughtered and eaten by people…

I know, pretty heartbreaking… However, in some countries, such Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian regions, the horsemeat is said to be a nice delicacy and is eaten with love. It is not, of course, in their daily menus, such as beef or chicken.

The meat is usually eaten in the form of sausage. Just imagine a regular sized sausages, which now contains the horsemeat. In the countries said above, this product is given a name as “Kazy” or “Chuchuk”.


Yes, I also was wondering what in the world it means when I first heard about it. My guesses were that maybe it is some kind of a world organization or funde. It turned out to be something interesting in the world of tourism.

Community Based Tourism – the tours organized not only by agencies but with the help of local community itself. They work together in order to give the tourists the taste of real life of citizens in certain country.

In my case, I met this word during horseback riding tours in Kyrgyzstan. They offer tourists to visit certain places, where they can enjoy horseback riding the most. Once they get there, local professionals will meet them and take the lead for riding. If there is any need, they even teach visitors how to ride and do their best to help.

Horseback riding tours

According to our future trips on horses in summer, we will be enjoying the great atmosphere of mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Greenness all around, fresh air and cool weather while it is burning hot in downtowns of the country, everything you can dream of during summer. Better to see once than hearing ten times. So take a look at this video, which demonstrates the beauty of such experience:

Plans for Future

Here we met the new year of 2015! Evertone has probably made some new year resolutions in order to live life the better way – better, happier, healthier, richer with blessed moments. What could someone, who can’t imagine life without new adventures? Of course new chances to explore more destinations and if with horses, even better!

Here is an interesting option: why not to start planning that trip of your dream right now? Take your time exploring and finding new ways of traveling and spending the leisure time more fruitfully. Here I found about the perfect trip to the nature of Kyrgyzstan WITH horses!!! Definitely, this excited me more than anybody already! Check more details out here on this site I visited recently: